BS, Bachelors Nursing, Health Care Delivery

I was born in Tarnow, Poland and immigrated to America several years ago. I am now 17 and  attending XXXX High School in Lincolnshire, Illinois. I will graduate next year and would like very much to begin a career in Nursing at XXXX. This is because my main goal in life is to help the people around me when they need it. I am a compassionate and dedicated young man and I am very devoted to my goal of becoming a health care professional.

I want to devote my life to assisting in the improvement of health care delivery systems. I plan to give this goal my all by staying abreast of major developments in both the physical and social sciences as they relate to health care. After attaining my BS in Nursing, I would like to take the additional training necessary to become a paramedic.

As a lifeguard, I have experience in leadership and making fast critical decisions in tense situations. I always stay calm irrespective of the circumstances. And I have experience dealing with people who require assistance from either heart attacks or seizures in and out of the pool.

 I feel like I am a strong candidate to attend your program because there is nothing more satisfying to me then the feeling of contributing to saving someone’s life. I also want to become a nurse for personal reasons. When my parents lived in Poland, they both where nurses, one a paramedic nurse and the other served in the pediatrics division. My father is a diabetic, and I am responsible for his well-being by checking his blood sugar levels and alertness levels throughout the day. Once, when he slips into a diabetic coma, the paramedics came and assisted him, and that moment played a huge role in my decision to become a nurse and also work as a paramedic for at least several years, in order to give something back to those who need me most.

 The weakest part of my application are my grades. The last several months have been very difficult for me and my family. Both of my parents unfortunately lost their jobs; thus, in order to help my family out, I have been working longer hours as a life guard to help pay the bills. School became a struggle but I am learning to manage my time much better and my grades are rapidly improving.

 I am a selfless, hardworking, lovable person that is thankful for what I have. After visiting Northern Illinois University with a couple of friends, my choice was made. The campus, community, and overall friendly atmosphere seemed to be the perfect fit for me. At XXXX, I feel like a true XXXX, as if I were at home.

 As a Pole, I look forward to contributing to the diversity of your program and giving my all to my studies. Some of my interests include swimming, water polo, and sport shooting. I am also our school’s Swimming Teacher and the Vice president of our German club, as well as the principal organizer of the Polish booth for diversity week. I thank you so much for considering my application and I assure you that if honored by acceptance into your program I will give my all to my studies since I am very determined to excel in college and very much look forward to attending your program.

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