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BSN Bachelors Nursing Personal Goal Statement

I have worked in the medical field for eight years as a Medical Assistant and administrator. My current position is as Senior Medical Secretary at XXXX Medical College. Throughout the course of this employment, I have increasingly longed to become involved in hands-on medical care myself. Thus, I am…

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FNP, Masters Nursing, Type II Diabetes, Colombian

The University of XXXX is my first choice for earning my Masters Degree in Nursing because of its sheer excellence, reflected in its high ranking, and the great variety of specializations that you offer as part of your broad based curriculum. I also have several close friends who graduated from your…

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MSN Women's Health Nurse Practitioner

XXXX University’s Women's Health Nurse Practitioner Master of Science Program is for me the pinnacle of nursing education. I am currently studying towards the Master’s Degree online at XXXX University and I hope to transfer to XXXX on the basis of my strong performance so far as a graduate student i…

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CRNA, Masters Nursing, Spanish Speaking

Since childhood, it has been my intention to spend my life ‘making a difference’ rather than just making a living. I pursued a bachelor degree in Biology with the intention of qualifying as a physician, however as I became aware of the fact that nurses have much more direct patient contact, I decide…

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DNP Post-Grad Certificate: Adult-Gerontology, Primary Care

From the very first time I volunteered at a nursing home as an adolescent, I have been motivated to care for individuals in need.  Upon entry into the field of nursing, I quickly realized that the nursing profession is not one you enter and expect to be successful and enduring unless you are passion…

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DNP CRNA, Chinese, Father of Twins

I have been serving as a nurse at St. John's Hospital since 2012 and a critical care nurse since February of 2014 – learning everything that I can from the CRNAs in particular. XXXX University is my first choice among CRNA programs primarily because it is only 50 miles away from where I presently li…

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FNP Program Transfer Goal Statement

Currently finishing my first year of the Master’s Program in Nursing at XXXX College of Nursing, I now realize that I want more out my nursing education than XXXX has to offer and I ask you to consider my application for transfer to XXXX University. I want to earn my MSN at one of the top nursing pr…

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FNP Certificate, Family Centered Pediatric Nursing

My personal, professional purpose is to become a Certified Family Nurse Practitioner. Thus, I very much want to enroll in a one-year Certificate Program to become certified as a FNP. I have been a nurse for 17 years now, first earning my BSN from XXXX and then my MSN at Western Governors University.…

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FNP, Psych Nursing Experience, Guyana

Nursing Goals: I could not be more devoted to lifelong education in nursing. Thus, I seek to become the finest nurse possible, within time in the role of a nurse leader and educator. My next step professionally is to become an FNP so that I can improve the quality of life for people in my communitie…

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MSN, Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner, Bipolarity

Job Title? Years of experience?

I recently earned my BSN, graduating from XXXX College of Nursing this year, 2016. Since the later part of 2015,  I have been acquiring my first direct experience in nursing working in Occupational Health, serving as a First Aid/ Onsite Triage RN, caring for employ…

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Entry Level MSN, Latina Nurse from LA

A very hard working, licensed, RN, I first found myself attracted to XXXX University’s MSN Program as a result of your extremely high passing rates for the RN licensing exam. As I began to investigate further, I became most impressed with the research of your extraordinary faculty and their dedicati…

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MSN Diversity, Critical Thinking, Nursing Goals

Diversity and Core Values: My core value is equality. This comes easy for me given the fact that I am Chinese, and raised to think socially rather than individually, to think speak and act for the common rather than individual goods. I see my natural mildness, modesty and lack of egoistic self-asser…

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DNP, 4.0 GPA, Fluent in Spanish, Underserved

Your DNP Program at XXXX College is my first choice for graduate school because of the sheer excellence of your program and the fact that I live not far away. Still only 22, I am proud of the way in which I have distinguished myself in three areas in particular. I completed my BSN Degree with a 4.0 …

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MSN Clinical Nurse Specialist, Gerontology

I earned my first Bachelors Degree in Public Administration at XXXX University (UXX) in 1999. Later, I would decide on a career change, giving my all to nursing. I am now in my last semester of the BSN Program at UXX, earning a 3.9 GPA while working full time in the Trauma Progressive Care Unit at t…

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Accelerated BSN Program, Armenian

Why XXXX University: I am attracted to the solid reputation of your university and the nearby resources that will enable me to focus on my studies and to excel in your program. I also very much appreciate your Nursing Department’s vision of our profession as both an art and a science, involving libe…

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MSN Public Health, NP Haiti

I am writing the following on behalf of my application to study towards the MSN Degree at XXXX State University. Your program is by far the most convenient; thus, combined with XSU’s stellar reputation in nursing, this makes it my first choice for graduate study. I also like very much like the idea …

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MSN, FNP, RN Float Nurse


An RN with three years of nursing experience in a hospital setting as a float nurse, this has given me many opportunities to learn and develop my skills within a short amount of time. I also have a business degree and worked for fifteen years as a manager for county government, managing people…

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Master’s Nurse Anesthesia, Saudi

There are very few CRNAs in my country. Almost all of the CRNAs working in Saudi Arabia are foreigners. Thus, it has been an uphill battle for me to work towards changing this, especially as a female nurse, since the vast majority of nurses in Saudi Arabia have historically been men. This is beginni…

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DNP Degree, African-American, Veterans

Earning my BSN in Nursing has provided me with the opportunity to serve as a registered nurse for the past 10 years now. The greatest strength of my application to your competitive DNP Program at the UXX is my extensive engagement with the subject of wounded warriors, especially during the 2 years t…

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MSN Adult-Gero Acute Care Nurse Practitioner

The Operating Room has now been my principal center of gravity for the past 6 of my 29 years. While originally from Ohio, I have now established a permanent home in Kentucky and find myself at the optimal point in my career to excel in graduate school. Most of the patients that I care for before, du…

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