Sample Resonse to prompts for a Nurse Anesthesia, CRNA Program

  1. Explain why you have chosen your specific area of study in advanced practice nursing over other types of advanced practice nursing.

I am an experienced nurse with 6 years of bedside experience as a Critical Care ICU nurse with medical/surgical ICU, cardiac ICU and post open-heart experience. During my nursing career, I have often felt frustrated in situations where it was clear what needed to be done but being unable to do so because I lacked the authority and had to refer to someone who had it. My interest in becoming a Nurse Anesthetist was initially fired when I was doing a ‘critical care consultation’ on a new ICU patient who was in need of urgent surgery and would clearly not survive without it. I discussed the case with the surgeon and continued with my duties. When the patient returned to the ICU, I was paged. I noted that the patient was accompanied by a CRNA. I was very impressed by his calm, professional and confident demeanor, he made his report and addressed the drips and did all that was necessary for the patient’s comfort and recovery. I saw him accompany the patient safely through surgery and recovery.  I realized that he possessed the oversight, authority and autonomy that I had long desired to exercise for the benefit of my patients.

I have a long-standing interest in pain management and I aim to acquire the high-level skills, knowledge and experience to enable me to become an expert nurse anesthetist capable ultimately of ‘adding value’ to the profession through research. I see the program as providing an avenue to enable me to maximize my utility as a nurse as it stands at the peak of the profession. I also seek to accomplish my personal potential by applying the considerable fruits of my experience and training to date in a more challenging and satisfying role. I am particularly interested in assisting patients who are particularly fearful or have difficulties in understanding, by reason of age, low educational level or language barriers, what the procedure proposed involves and the reasons why it is necessary.

I am aware that not every nurse is a potential CRNA as the role calls for very high level of technical skill, knowledge and, perhaps more importantly, particular personal characteristics with which few are blessed. Among these I would cite: exceptional academic potential to succeed in the program and in a career beyond; self-confidence; decisiveness, planning skills, the ability to work autonomously but also in close co-operation with others and to direct others where necessary; the ability to remain composed in possibly extreme situations; an ability to communicate with exceptional clarity and accuracy with colleagues, patients and their families; the ability to be empathetic and reassuring but perhaps, most importantly, to possess a genuine love of nursing and of the patients in one’s care. I would not be making this application were I not convinced that I can meet these criteria.

It might be appropriate to state that I come from a poor white background and, in the face of a poor educational start, parental indifference to my ambitions and serious financial obstacles and then early and unexpected widowhood, I have met my goals to date. I was able to graduate from Vanderbilt with a 3.9 GPA and get inducted into Sigma Theta Tau (nursing honor society).

This has called for the kind of exceptional determination, single-mindedness and hard work that I believe will enable me to excel rather than merely succeed in the program and beyond. I am fully aware that it is necessary to be highly culturally aware and sensitive in the role that I hope to fill. I have happily studied, worked, treated and socialized with people of many cultural and social backgrounds and enjoy doing so. In this connection I should mention my volunteer work in South America, assisting in the setting up of clinics in remote areas.

2) Describe your future as an advanced practice nurse (include type of clinical practice).  

I have long had an interest in pain and its management: I am particularly interested in those factors that affect the individual’s experience of pain such as, genetics and how bodies process chemicals, feel pain differently in both acute and chronic forms; the biochemical processes, beyond just the extent of tissue damage and how our diet, biochemical pathways, genetics, reactions to medications, etc. alter our perception of pain. I have often wondered why it is that one person may be in agony while another person only suffers some discomfort with the same condition and why one person reacts violently to a certain medication, whereas another does not.  I hope, at some stage to assist in research in these areas.

I shall seek to acquire significant experience in the role in a hospital setting in order to become an expert practitioner and then to pursue further studies. My ultimate goal is to obtain a post-doctoral certificate in pain management. I would like to develop ways of decreasing post-operative complications by identifying ways to tailor anesthesia and pain management to the individual.  Those patients with less post-operative pain can better participate in rehab activities, use less post-operative opioids and thus can recover bowel function faster and have less risk of post-operative pneumonia and ileus resulting in shorter hospital stays. I would like to find alternative therapies to opioids for acute and chronic pain management. I would also like to help make people comfortable without them becoming dependent on opioids in the light of the risks of dependency. I would seek ways to prevent acute pain from becoming chronic pain.

I am making the application specifically to the USF program because I seek a highly challenging but supportive academic environment and I am assured that this will be provided by graduates of it. I am also very impressed by the advanced simulated teaching facilities and by the high proportion of successful students and their career outcomes.

Sample Personal Goals for Bilingual Latin Nurse Practitioner, Statement of Purpose in Adult-Gerontology and Acute Care

A Cuban-American woman born and raised in XXXX. My city is the center of my world; thus, it is a natural choice for me to apply to the especially distinguished MSN Program at the University of XXXX. I hope to earn my Master’s Degree in the area of Adult-Gerontology and Acute Care, preparing me for a lifetime of dedicated service as a Nurse Practitioner. Fully bilingual and bicultural, I very much enjoy nursing practice in both of my languages, Spanish as well as English and I am delighted that the need is great for bilingual Spanish/English nurses, in America and beyond. I often day-dream of going on medical missions to Latin America as a nurse practitioner and hope to do so for decades to come as Nurse Practitioner - always thinking globally while I treat one patient at a time.

My father went to medical school in Cuba but was never able to realize his dream of becoming a doctor. We are close, and much of his loss has been compensated for by hard work and investment in his daughter. Becoming an NP will be a great achievement for both of us. My aunt has been a nurse for many years, so we end up talking mostly as a family about medical-related issues. I also feel strongly that my extensive experience as an adolescent and young woman caring for my grandfather with Alzheimer’s and my grandmother with heart failure. All of this drove me forward to become an RN in 2015 and earn my BSN Magnum Cum Laude in 2017.

I keenly look forward to a long lifetime of service in nursing, in an acute care setting, providing care in partnership with my patients, guiding them to make smart health and lifestyle choices. I have long seen education as key and I am increasingly aware of the complex ways in which most of the patients that I encounter in the ICU are clearly there as a result of poor lifestyle choices. I love interacting with patients and their families, being able to explain things to them and inspiring them to that ''Aha!'' moment of their own. The greatest feeling my team and I have had are seeing patients return to visit us, healthy, whole, and grateful. I see myself as embarking on a lifetime journey of constant and steady progress, always looking to further advance my ability to best care for each of my patients in holistic ways. I hope, in time, to be selected to serve as an ARNP at the hospital where I am currently employed, team building, networking, and I also dream of at some point having the privilege of teaching future generations of NPs.

I have now spent two wonderful years serving in ICU and I feel like it is in my bloodstream; I could not be happier: neuro, trauma, cardiac, and medical patients alike. I thrive in stressful situations and especially excel at giving my all as part of a team. I am a hard worker and I don't stop until I know that I have done everything in my power to help my patients. I love nursing school and could not be more dedicated. It is my absolute first priority after my patients and I could not be more excited about facing up to the rigorous challenges that await me in your cutting-edge ARNP Program at the University of XXXX.

I thank you for considering my application.

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Sample 1st Paragraph Masters Nursing Application, MSN, African Immigrant, Nigeria

Now 40 years old, I came to the USA in 1999 and have made America my home and nursing my career. I dream most of helping the underserved and I read and reflect often on the chronic plight of my countrymen with respect to the lack of health care services. I long to return someday to my native Nigeria and would like very much to do so as a teacher of nursing. Earning the Master’s Degree in your exceptionally creative program would inspire and empower me to do so.


I have spent many years investigating what makes a Statement for admission to nursing school as effective as possible, what programs and institutions in the area of nursing are looking for in applicants: specific qualities, interests, and characteristics--all of which I will emphasize in your essay. Character is especially critical and I am an expert at making you look exceptional. It is all in the wording and I like to think I have a natural gift for statement expression. My own special strength is in the emotional eloquence of nursing. I admit that on a few occasions, tears well up in my eyes while writing a statement for nursing school; it is a most enriching experience and I count myself most privileged.