FNP, Focus on the Underserved

I ask for admission to your distinguished Master’s Program in Nursing at XXXX University because I seek to become the finest Family Nurse Practitioner possible, realizing my fullest professional potential.  My focus is on the underserved, particularly women and children, and I am especially concerned as a nursing professional and a woman with the way in which women and children continue to make a up a huge portion of the medically underserved, in America as well as most of the rest of the world. I see XXXX's Family Nurse Practitioner Program as the best opportunity for me to excel in my nursing career, giving my all to my hospital yet advancing my career by studying at night and on weekends. XXXX is my first choice not only because you have the finest technology of any online nursing program in the country, but I also find myself drawn to your prestige. Most of all, however, it is the way in which you direct your mission of service towards the underserved; as this is a perfectly fit with own professional value system and personal ethics as I strive to improve the health and well being of everyone in my multicultural community.

I served for approximately one year in my most recent employment position, which I greatly treasured and enjoyed, working as a Clinical/Staff Nurse in the Cardiothoracic Intensive Care Unit of XXXX Medical Center, XXXX, Ohio. I assisted with the treatment and evaluation of preoperative and post-operative surgical patients with an emphasis on cardiovascular surgery. My experience in healthcare began as a physical therapist aid, then a patient care technician followed by a certified nurse’s assistant, and finally earning my BSN and becoming an RN. My nursing career began in Medical Oncology and then I became a Cardiothoracic ICU Nurse. I have done my best to care for the whole person, going over and above the care prescribed in accordance with the medical diagnosis, addressing all aspects of the patient and his or her challenges big or small. Earning my BSN in nursing in a very rigorous, accelerated program, was a great challenge, especially as a military wife with my husband deployed and my closest family and friends 7 hours away.  I learned many life skills that empowered me and will help me succeed in the future. Nevertheless, I made the dean’s list because of the depth of my passion for nursing. I have the drive and determination to follow through and complete the task at hand.

The way in which my heart is geared to serve and care for others is evinced by my track record as a volunteer. Over the course of the last decade I have volunteered countless hours: preparing and serving meals in a substance abuse treatment center for men, for example, spending more than one semester at a domestic violence shelter researching, editing, and updating all contact information for several shelters in IL, IN, and Ohio. I walk and run to make children’s wishes come true, set up Alzheimer’s races, and raise funds for the fight against breast cancer.  Many of my family members have battled cancer and this cause is especially important to me.

I am specifically concerned with and look forward to lifelong research into the reasons why women end up in shelters for the homeless and how, why, and to what extent they are able to access health care for themselves and their children under these circumstances. In many situations, women find it difficult to access healthcare precisely when they most need it, often exacerbated by lack of insurance and other financial factors. I would love to again work in women’s shelters to provide avenues for women to become proactive about their health. A fervent proponent of holistic care--mental, physical, emotional, spiritual and family—I feel that I have much to give to a community health clinic; perhaps providing a bridge between shelters, community clinics, and hospitals; opening my own clinic someday. Most of all, I want to help those women who have fallen through the cracks in our society. As an FNP, I also look forward to going on annual medical missions to wherever our services are needed the most. I thank you for considering my application to your distinguished program. 

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